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Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 1:35 PM

HELLO! wow, been so long since i blog yea. like err, since Feb till now. ohmygosh. 2 months of not blogging! this blog is as good as dead. should i delete it? hmm.

well, the reason i have not been blogging is well, LAZY and NO TIME. heh. alot has happened from Feb till now. crazy man. only 2 months right, but yeah alot. forgive me for not updating, i shall try my best to update the stuffs that happened while i was Missing In Action..(right -.-).

1)4 March, Sports Day (:
2)19 March, My Birthday! :D
3) 24-26 March, Sec 2 Confidence Camp ^^
4) 1 Apr, 8th Student Councillor Investiture =)
5)6 May-18 May, MYE :(

alrighty! shall elaborate. 8D

1) Sports Day. It was superb! i was damn hyper, scream here scream there! H-A-R-W-O-O-D, WE GO HARWOOD HARWOOD LET'S GO! :D. LMAO. xD crazy sia. i took part in 100m, but sadly dint manage to get in top 3. i was close, though, i think i came in 4th or 5th. Haiyo, i was dissapointed with myself luh, cos last yr also took part and dint get any medal also..so maybe wont take part next yr D: oh well. at least i tried (:

2) My Birthday. got presents from mama, papa and Aisyah. Thanks! ^^hmm, dint go out, but the next day, 20th March (mama's bday), the whole family went to 313 @ Somerset and ate (:

3)Sec 2 camp. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! ahh, i miss it. so fun man. did canoeing, high elements, zipline. wooohoo! i love the makan cheer, butterfly cheer..aiya! all the cheers i like luh. hahha. again, i was hyper. lol. class performance rocks ttm! GO E4 :D

4)Council invest. =D received councillor tie babeh.hmm, i interacted with girls from Cedar. ooh. enjoyed the interaction lah, the Cedar girls are so nice :) haha. miss them. Wish all the sec 4s Councillor's all the best. they step down D:

5)MYEs. :( eeee. the thought of MYEs disgust me man. today was the last paper, Maths Paper 2. Haiyo. horrible lorh :( My MYEs are screwed up one, i tell you. not confident that i will do well. totally suckish. GG. D:

okayy! i think im done updating! haizz. tiring, lol. so not use to blogging.
i shall try my very best to blog more often. and oh pls, ppl. TAG! my tagboard is so DEAD.
me saddddd :(
hmph. okaay, adios! ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 10:09 AM
I want it!!! :OO

i want it badly!
Its Taylor Swift's Fearless Album (Platinum Edition)! with 6 more bonus songs! :D
cool much?
anyone who gets it for me and give it to me on my bday, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. :))

well, today's the 3rd day of CNY.
oh yea, Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends out there!
Gong Xi Fa Cai :D
so hmm, thanks to them..we have 4 days of holiday!actually 2 only(mon and today, if u cancel out the wkend cos wkend no school what? lol) >.<
and alsoo got alot of hw, sadly D:
im almost done with it, good news.
bad news, the "Journey to the river sea" book reading test is this thurs, 18th feb and im still in chap 5! die liao lahhh. :/
fyi, im a slow reader. -.-

okay, gtg now.
to do hw and read the bk.
bye :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010, 4:38 PM
I wanna watch!

Hey guys :)
I wanna watch Valentine's Day^^
alot of celebs are gonna be in it..ooo and yes, TAYLOR SWIFT is one of them :DD
haha. cool manzx.
and she composed a song, its in the Valentine's Day soundtrack i think..
erm, its entitled "Today was a fairytale".
oh yea, Taylor won 4 grammy awards! omg :O
beyonce more, 6, but still.. congrats taylor!
hmm, i realised this post is all about Taylor Swift. :p
okay, gtg now.
going to watch a drum concert^^

Sunday, January 24, 2010, 3:45 PM
Im backkk!!


last updated when? 30th dec 2009.
forgive me for the lack of updates. :/
been busy/lazy lately lol.
what with school, hw, projects. yeahh. :(
so 3 wks of school already passed in the year 2010.
SO FAST MANN. *chills*

There's a new girl from sec 1 normal stream (last year), now transfer into express stream and now she's in 2e4^^
Her name's Joline! CONGRATS JOLINE! :DD
haha. she's pretty friendly and nice.
This year, ms pereira is our form teacher. el teacher also. lols.
oh yea. erm, I hate the new sitting arrangement! D:
sitting all the way at the back! so difficult to concentrate.
somemore kamesh is infront of me.
keep diturbing me. ): irritating!!

Im in a new madrasah this year.. XD
did not expect to see beattyians at the same madrasah as me..
surprisingly, got quite a number of them :))

okay, im gonna stop now.
still have quite alot of hw left to be done... D;
so bye guys.
shall update next time..don't know when.
haha! :P

who knows..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009, 5:17 PM
R.i.p Jimmy Sullivan

aww. so cute right?! haha XD

okay, im so random. haizz. so bored..
oh ya! Finished my holiday hw! :DD
so happy! hahas.
oh well, not that much also anyway..lol.
3 maths quiz+science ws thats all. hahah ;P
2010 is coming! so fast aye time pass.
tmr is countdown alr.


hmm..heard that Jimmy "The Rex" Sullivan passed away. D;
very pro drummer. sigh~
still so young.
oh well, R.I.P. (:
hmm, nothing much to say.
just update for the sake of keeping this blog alive :))
ok, byeeee!

Monday, December 28, 2009, 10:02 AM
Sezairi Sezali :DD

Congratulations to Sezairi Sezali for winning Singapore Idol 2009 :DD
He really deserved it. His version of "Touched by an angel" was much better than sylvia's in my
opinion. :) im so glad that he won. voted for him like thrice? hahah. oh yea, i screamed so loud when gurmit said his name. Lols. :p
okay. im almost done with my holiday homework. only left 1 more math quiz! i want to do but i dont want to do cos ci xuan says its hard. oh no. :S i only have 3 days left to do it! it closes on the 31st of dec. damn.. :(
today's 28..omg! 1 more wk to school! kinda want school, kinda dontwant. heh.
and starting my new madrasah this sun..erm.. i dont know any of my frens who goes for madrasah there. sigh..i'll be so lonely there.
oh welll~
bye! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009, 12:48 PM

Dead blog.
19 days since i last blogged. wow. so long.
currently using kakak's lappy to blog..iman's using the pc.
kakak and aisyah away for ten days :(
kakak go korea with kak fizah while aisyah is staying at cuz aisyah's hse.
so long! left with me and bro. -.- eeeee

. Im on faceboook! Go and add me up. ^.^ i started not long ago, this month. cos so many ppl ask me to have fb. aiyo. -.-
. Went to Jb with family, uncle, grandma and bibik on the 17th! dint really buy much. just school bag, malay novel, POP mag, school shoe..erm i think thats about it? LOL.
. On the same day i went Jb, returned home receive a letter from CCC&CDC. they said i got Good Progress Award! so happy! :DD
.School's secretary of the councillors sms-ed me, she say i potential councillor for 2010 :) glad that raudha is tooo :))

okay. nothing much alr.
bye guys~
pls tag!! my tagboard is rather dead. :(